FedEx part 2

Istorijos tęsinys:

Susimokėjau FedEx’ui “už saugojimą” ir “už dokumentų paruošimą” In total – 67 LTL. Abydna, kai siuntos vertė tik 40 EUR…

Pasiguodžiau pardavėjui iš tolimosios Kinijos, koks FedEx yra gaidys. Gavau replajų.
Мелочь, но приятно

Dear Tomas,

Thank you for your email to provide the invoice.
However, I regret to say that our FedEx agent has replied that it is reasonably charged so it seems like we cannot cancel this.
As in my previous message, we hope that you understand that we do not have any control over FedEx decisions and charges and, as stated in our Terms and Conditions,
any extra costs arising from issues such as these are the customer's responsibility.
As a gesture of goodwill, however, I would like to offer half refund of the extra charges.
I hope you find this a fair compromise, and just confirm with me so I will process your refund straight away.

Kind regards,


Nors rašydamas jiems gromatą neturėjau jokio užslėpto noro susigrąžinti  kapeikėles.. Tik informuoti, kad niekada nesinaudosiu FedEx’u 🙂



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